“Police Hamster” song analysis

Let me tell you about (Intro) Police Hamster by Moreslaw.

(Intro) Police Hamster is 0 minutes and 25 seconds long. It’s in the key of F-sharp major and the time signature is 4 beats per measure. Loudness is -12.17 db and the tempo is around 114.97 bpm.

Acousticness: 0% – Track isn’t acoustic 

Danceability: 82% – Track is good for dancing 

Instrumentalness: 97% – Likely is instrumental 

Energy: 66% – Track is energetic 

Speechiness 7% – Probably doesn’t contain talking 

Liveness: 8% – Track was recorded in a studio (not live) 

Valence: 45% – Vibe is sad, depressed, and/or angry 

Listen to (Intro) Police Hamster on Spotify

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