“George Carlin” on Electronic Music

You know what I don’t understand? Electronic music. I mean, what the hell is that? It’s not music, it’s noise. It’s just a bunch of beeps and boops and bleeps and bloops. It sounds like a robot having a seizure. And the people who make it, they’re not musicians, they’re technicians. They don’t play instruments, they push buttons. They don’t write songs, they program algorithms. They don’t perform live, they lip-sync to a laptop. And the people who listen to it, they’re not fans, they’re zombies. They don’t dance, they flail. They don’t enjoy, they escape. They don’t have fun, they have drugs. And the worst part is, they think they’re cool. They think they’re hip and edgy and avant-garde. They think they’re the future of music. Well, let me tell you something: if electronic music is the future of music, then music is fucked.

“George”, 2023

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